P319XS Grafted In/Messianic Seal of Jerusalem Mini Plate

P319XS  Grafted In/Messianic Seal of Jerusalem Mini Plate
Item# P319XS





Product Description

Often referred to as the "Grafted In" symbol, this design was found in 1967 in a cave on Mt. Zion in a place thought to be the sacred baptismal grotto of Jacob (James) the Just,half brother of Yeshua (Jesus) and one of the original 12 Jewish apostles ... this extraordinary design is believed by many to be the symbol of the first Nazarene (Messianic) Assembly (Church). This beautiful "triune" design combines the menorah (the light of the Lord) and the fish (representing Rabbi Yeshua( Rabbi Jesus) the Messiah, God's Son and our Savior) John1:49. The fusing together of these two symbols thus creates the "Star of David" in the middle representing unity between the Jew and the Gentile. The "Messianic Seal" represents God's faithfulness to His people; from His promise to Abraham ... to the fulfillment of eternal salvation through the Messiah. That story continues today in the universal church where all who accept Him, both Jew and Gentile, are welcome into a relationship with God. This symbol, which richly depicts the very "roots" of Christianity, is surely of divine origin and inspiration, and was given to us by revelation, and by the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit.

SIZE: 1" x 5/16"

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