P319L Grafted In/The Messianic Seal of Jerusalem- (large middle pendant)
P319S Grafted In/The Messianic Seal of Jerusalem (small pendant on left or lapel pin on right)
P334J Dangling Shofar
P429 Colored Stone Star of David with Cross
SR16705 Praying Angel Lapel Pin
Sterling Triple Link Cross Bracelet
*SP41030 The Rugged Cross
*SR8003 Praying Angel
14k Gold Chains
14k Gold Chains
319E Grafted In/The Messianic Seal of Jerusalem - Earrings
327LW Large Star of David and Cross (shiny)
334L Rams Horn Shofar

Pet Portraits by UK based Pet Portrait Artist and Karie-Ann Cooper: Stunning animal portraits created in wonderful detail by dedicated pet artist.

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Memorial Pet Ensembles - Wholesale
MP1A Name Ring One Tone - Sample
MP2B Pierced Hebrew - Sample
MP3D Solid Ring with Antique Filler - Sample
MP5D Open Hebrew - Sample
P102 Jesus Star
P103 Love Star
P113 Small Menorah with Star
P117 Footprints of God
P120 Bible with Cross
P125 Bible with Star
P128 Angel with Dove
P131 Seven Branch Menorah
P132 Double Blessing Star of David
P134 Jesus Fish
P135 Yeshua Fish
P142 Inset Cross
P144 Plain Star
P146 Star with Fine Lines
P147 Textured Yeshua Chai
P148 Small Menorah with Chai
P149 Dove with Open Star
P150 Star of David with Rose of Sharon
P152 Cross with Open Cross
P156 Small Jesus Star
P164 Evan's Chai
P167 Cross with Beaded Inset
P169 Cross with Gallery
P173 Shalom Circle Pendant
P175L Large Jesus Cross
P175S Small Jesus Cross
P176 Cross with Center Twist
P179 Olive Branch and Dove
P181 Fish with Cross
P185 Reborn Cross
P186 Cross with Steps
P187 Wood Cross
P193 Puffed Heart with Fish
P195 Puffed Heart with Butterfly
P197 Cross with Hearts
P199 Open Heart with Cross
P200 Open Heart with Star
P202 Yeshua Script Nameplate
P204 Yeshua Ayne
P209 Star of David with Triangular Chai
P210 Cross with Flaired Ends
P211 Cross with Flower
P212 Beaded Cross
P216 Small Angle Cross
P217 Decorative Cross
P222 Star with Chai
P227 Textured Star of David with Cross
P230 Textured Thin Line Star with Chai
P231 Textured Star of David with Dove
P235 Star of David with Ten Commandments
P238 Textured Thin Line Star with Menorah
P241 Ten Commandments
P244 Rose Heart with Star
P259 Zion Star
P260 Yeshua Star
P262 The Wailing Wall
P264 David's Window
P267 Glory Star & Cross
P270 The Twelve Tribes
P275 Four Bud Cross
P276 Ribboned Chai
P277 Circle with Star
P278 Outline Chai
P284 Fish with Star
P290 Elongated Star of David with Cross
P294 Menorah with Fish
P296 Jerusalem Chai
P297 Jerusalem Star
P298 Jerusalem Cross
P301 Square Filigree Chai
P303 Dove, Star and Peace Pendant
P306 Rolled Mezuzah
P308 Revival Dove
P310 Filigree Star
P314 Shaddai Star
P318 Messiah Menorah
P319XS Grafted In/Messianic Seal of Jerusalem Mini Plate
P320 Yeshua - He Was, He Is, He Will Be
P322 Yeshua Ha Mashiach
P323 Circle with Textured Star
P326 Small Lined Star with Chai
P329 Baruch HaShem
P330 Hebrew Yeshua Star
P331 Faceted Star
P332 Bubble Star
P333 Bubble Jesus Star
P334 Rams Horn Shofar
P334M Dangling Shofar
P337 Textured Star
P338 High D/C Star
P339L Diamond Cut Star w/ Chai & Shin (large)
P339S Diamond Cut Star w/ Chai & Shin (small)
P342 Sword of the Spirit and Star of David
P344 Cross with Grapevine
P345 Jesus - He Was, He Is, He Will Be
P346 Sword of the Spirit and Dove
P347 Filigree Flowers with Cross
P349 Torah and Star
P350 Small Star w/ Ten Commandments
P352 Calvary Dove
P353 Diagonal Open Star of David
P355 I Am My Beloved's Pendant
P358 Rose Heart with Cross
P359 Guardian Angel
P360 Chevron Cross
P361 Filigree Cross (Medium or Small)
P361L Large Filigree Cross
P364 Sword with Shofar
P371 Regal Cross
P373 Chanukya Menorah
P374 Lion of Judah & Commandments
P375L Large Blue and White Stone Star
P376L Large Multi-Colored Stone Star
P378 David's Harp
P384 Flame Menorah
P401L Grafted in Cross on Star (large pendant)
P401M Grafted in Cross on Star (med. pendant)
P401S Grafted In Cross on Star (small pendant)
P402 Pillow Star
P405 AMFI Star and Fish
P407 Two Sided Coin
P408 Praise and Worship Dancer with Star
P409 Praise and Worship Dancer with Dove
P410 Flaming Dove on Star of David
P416 In Jesus Name
P420 Beaded Menorah
P421 The First Temple
P424 The Interwoven Star of David
P425 Shin Over Star
P426 Medallion of the Chosen
P428 Heart of Zion
P431 HEBREW Yeshua Name
P432 The Dancing Star
P433 Royal Cross with CZ
P435 Bubble Star with Cross
P436 Cross on Cross
P437 Diamond Cut Chai
P440 The Daystar
Pet Portraits
R089 Hands of God with Star Ring
R098 I Am My Beloved's Ring - Open
R099 I Am My Beloved's Ring - Solid
R099F I Am My Beloved's Ring - Free Form
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S10A Continuous Cross Ring
S10C - Star of David Ring
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Star of David
Star of David
Sterling Bracelet with Outlined and Solid Crosses
Sterling Silver Muli-Cross Dangle Bracelet
Symbolic Explanations
The Departed Heart - A Mourner's Recognition Pin Remembering the Loss of a Loved One
The Memorial Cat - In Memory of Your Beloved Cat and Unconditional Best Friend
The Memorial Dove Pin - "My soul trusts in you; And in the shadow of your wings I will make my refuge."
The Memorial Paw - In Memory of your Beloved Pet & Unconditional Best Friend.
The Wailing Wall